Thermo-electric Modules

Multi Hole Thermo-electric Modules

The Multi-Hole TEM series has been specifically designed for 5.6mm CAN type laser diodes.


The increased contact area between the TEM and laser diode package enables more uniform cooling with the target temperature being achieved more rapidly.
The standard series is available for laser diodes with diameters ranging from 3.5 to 9.0 mm.
For specific laser diode sizes other than the above and customized products, please contact us.

1. Improvement of contact area

The 3-hole structure of the heat absorption side substrate increases the contact area.
Example: 36 percent increase in contact area
for a φ5.6mm CAN type laser diode (compared to other products of Ferrotec)

2. Responsiveness

The increased contact area significantly reduces the response time of heat transfer, shortening the time to achieve the target temperature.

3. Temperature Distribution

By improving the contact area, you can maintain stable characteristics.


Product name Imax(A) Vmax(V) △Tmax(℃) Qcmax(W) External dimensions (mm) PDF
DO DI T Characteristic Drawing
20073/023/012M 1.2 3.3 80 2.1 8.65 8.65 1.95

Substrate Specification

  • This product is built-to-order. We offer thermo-electric modules that satisfy your specifications.
    Please contact us for more information.
  • We can manufacture products for φ3.5mm and φ9.0mm CAN type laser diodes.
    Products for other CAN type laser diodes are also available.