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A Complete Family of Coating Systems

Our newly designed family of coaters offer solutions to processing requirements that range from small scale R&D or preproduction applications to large scale, high volume production fabrication lines. Ideal for either lift off or step coverage processes, these cleanroom compatible systems accept a multitude of accessories to meet almost any requirement.
In addition, our coaters are designed to optimize flexibility and efficiency in installation as well as operation. Fully automated processing via the Temescal control system maximizes throughput as well as ease of use. The PLC Based TCS provides fully integrated process and vacuum control, recipe driven pump to vent processing with datalogging, and automated pump, vent, and regeneration cycles that run independently of recipe processing.

Product Line

Auratus Technology

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Manufacturing Locations

    1. Livermore
    2. Temescal Headquarters
    3. 4569-C Las Positas Road Livermore, CA 94551 USA