Thermo-electric Modules


What is a Thermo-electric module (Peltier element)?

A thermo-electric module is a semiconductor electronic component also called the Peltier Element, or Thermoelectric Element and operates as a compact heat pump.
When a direct current flows, heat moves from one side of the thermo-electric module to the other. This is called the "Peltier effect". This phenomenon cools one side of the thermo-electric module and at the same time, the opposite side is heated (See Figure 1 below). Also, reversing the polarity of the DC power supply reverses this phenomenon and heat transfer occurs in the opposite direction (See Figure 2 below). Accordingly, the thermo-electric module can be used for both cooling and heating purposes depending on usage conditions. Precise temperature control will be possible by use in combination with sensors and controllers according to its function.
Also, the fact that it is possible to take out electricity by adding a temperature difference to the front and back side of the thermo-electric module is called the "Seebeck effect" (See Figure 3 below). The greater the temperature difference, the greater the amount of electricity generated.
The thermo-electric module operates as a thermoelectric power generation module (Seebeck element) for energy harvesting that has been attracting attention in recent years. Since this is not a system using steam to turn the turbine like thermal and nuclear power but is direct power generation due to the temperature difference of the thermoelectric power generation module, and environmental impact is low because there is no need to burn the heat source, there is great potential in the future for its use as part of the measures for CO2 reduction.

  • Fig. 1
    Peltier effect

  • Fig. 2
    Peltier effect

  • Fig. 3
    Seebeck effect

Thermo-electric-module by Ferrotec

Ferrotec, a manufacturer of thermo-electric modules and assemblies, was founded in the late 1980s. At our ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and IATF16949 certified plants, we have integrated systems of production from raw material to assembly. With strict quality control and competitive pricing, we provide products that satisfy our customers.
Ferrotec is recognized as one of the most reliable providers of thermo-electric modules in a wide variety of market segments, including industrial/business products and research institutions, as well as consumer products.We support our customers through our global sales channels by utilizing our flexibility and expertise.
We consider customers as our important partners. Working closely with our customers, we develop and manufacture customized thermo-electric modules and assemblies specialized for the customers’ needs. We also provide sales and technical support after product delivery to satisfy our customers.


Our Chinese factory has acquired the following international quality certifications

  • ISO9001ISO9001
    Quality management acquisition
  • ISO14001ISO14001
    Environmental management acquisition
  • ISO13485ISO13485
    Medical device quality
    Management system
  • IATF16949IATF16949
    Quality system standards
    for the automotive industry