We provide contract manufacturing of parts and contract assembly of devices based on our high-precision processing technology and device manufacturing technology we have developed for vacuum seals, silicon crystal pulling apparatus, and polycrystal silicon manufacturing apparatus.
With a track record of serving clients in the electronics and other industries, we meet a wide range of needs.

Contract manufacturing of metallic precision parts ranging from small parts to large parts

Contract assembly of units and devices (sheet-metal processing, welding, coating, assembly, electric components, etc.)

Local procurement support and support in device installation and start-up


  • Large device work area

  • Assembly clean room

  • Various processing facilities
    26 turning centers/45 machining centers/
    4 grinders/4 boring machines/14 general-purpose machines/40 welding machines, etc.
  • Inspection facilities
    Coordinate measuring machines/surface roughness testers/toolmaker's microscopes/roundness measuring instruments, etc.
  • CNC lathe

  • Flexible Manufacturing System

  • Processing machine for large size products

  • Welding machine for large size Products

  • Assembly work

  • Inspection work

  • Single-Crystal Silicon Ingot Growing System for Semiconductor (8 & 12 inch Ingot)

  • Single-Crystal Silicon Ingot Growing System for Semiconductor (8 inch Ingot)

  • Precision deposition equipment

  • Vacuum Chamber