(Cold plate system and TEC controller)


Model introduction

This device is a 8-inch wafer cooling system with built-in TEC modules. The cooling temperatures of surface are lapped with 0.05 ℃ tolerance. Compared to a pure embedded cold plate, the cooling capacity is more reliable and stable, and the plate surface temperature is more uniform. The device can meet customized needs with a shorter time.


Widely used in the semiconductor industry as a process adhesive developing device. The device can provide fast cooling for wafers.

Technical parameters

Model FCSW0032304
Wafer Size 8-inch
Cooling method Thermoelectric modules
Radiating Method Forced water-cooling
Control Method Cooling/Heating PID control
Ambient Temperature/Humidity 10~35℃, 35~80%RH
Hot Surface Circulating Fluid Factory cooling water
Operating Temperature Range 15.0~35.0℃
Cooling Capacity 150W(25℃)
Heating Capacity 340W(25℃)
Temperature Stability ±0.05℃
Temperature Controller Model FCSE0004820
Control Voltage DC12~48V
Temperature Range 15~30℃
Pressure Range ≤1MPa
Required Flow Rate 3~7L/min
Wetted Parts Material Stainless Steel 304
Actual Input Power ≤220W
Maximum Output Current 18A
Protection Function Overload, short circuit, over-temperature
Communications RS485