MNR Varistors

OS. MNR varistor (Metal Oxide Non-Linear Resistor) is the ceramic semi-conductor, made from zinc oxide and several kind of additives under the controlled process. Compared with conventional type varistors, MNR is superior on its sharp nonlinearlity and high surge endurance. To protect the electronic equipment from lightening surge and overloading voltage, MNR shows its superior characteristics.

Product Line


  • Thermistors
  • Thermistor assembles
  • MNR Varistors

Industrial fields (2)

  • Automobiles
  • Household
    and housing
  • Industrial equipment
  • Optical_

*Industrial fields are identified by color

  • ZR series (Low voltage general purpose type)

    The general-purpose disc type ZR series is best suited as an element to protect electronic equipment, control equipment, and general electronic devices from a surge and a noise as a varistor for low pressure.
    MNR Varistors
  • NS series (Mid and high pressure purpose type)

    This series is excellent in voltage nonlinearity, surge resistance, and responsiveness to a surge, and also has a characteristic of low clamping voltage. Therefore, this varistor can be used in a wide range of applications, including as measures against a surge for various types of electronic equipment, a device of absorbing a switching surge caused by an inductive load, and a device protecting from abnormal voltage.
    MNR Varistors