Super Machinable Ceramics

Machinable Mica


This is the dense, high-grade compound ceramics created through a fusion process that used glass as a matrix and uniformly separated out mineralized fluorian phlogopite and zirconia microcrystals.
This is mica ceramics which has equivalent machinability to Photoveel’s, and low heat expansion and high reflectivity properties.


  • ・Semiconductor Equipment parts
  • ・Semiconductor Inspection Parts
  • ・Leaser Equipment Parts
  • ・Vacuum Equipment Parts
  • ・Thin film Deposition equipment Parts
  • ・Liner Motor Parts
  • ・Various Heat-insulating parts
  • ・Precision Machinery Parts
  • ・Adhesion Equipment Parts
  • ・Positioning Parts
  • ・Various sensor parts
  • ・Analysis equipment parts
  • ・Ultrasonic Generator
  • ・Various Insulating parts
  • ・Insulation parts for various analyzer
  • ・Substrate and positioning jig
  • ・Jig for soldering
  • ・Light-condensing parts

Characteristics table