Thermo-electric Modules

Epoxy Seal Thermo-electric Modules

Compared to the RTV silicone seal added product (drip-proof seal), it is a new option product that has improved moisture resistance over a wide range.


This product is suitable for customers who use thermo-electric modules in an environment prone to condensation. If you are currently using a product with an RTV silicone sealant, you can use this product without changing the peripheral circuitry. This product has a higher flexibility to thermal load compared to epoxy sealants of our competitors.

As a result of an operation test of the thermo-electric module in a high-humidity environment at room temperature, the weight change of the product with epoxy sealant was about 1/7 of that of a conventional product with RTV silicone sealant after 1,000 hours. The weight change was caused by the moisture trapped in the thermo-electric module. The product with epoxy sealant was proven to be moisture-resistant because of the slight change in weight.

  • -The insulating resistance between the lead wire ceramic surfaces is several megohms.
  • -Operating temperature limit +80℃

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