magnetic Nano particles for Bio-Medical

Ferrotec material technologies Corporation introduces the Magnetic Nano Particles (MNP) Developer's kit, a special collection of biomedical ferrofluid evaluation sample for in-vitro diagnostic researchers and engineers. With over 30 years of experience in producing Nano -scale ferrofluids, Ferrotec Material Technology is recognized for high-quality particles suspensions, and the MNP Developer's Kit offers a set of solutions that are specially suited for synthesis of microbeads used for in-vitro diagnostic applications.
All particles in the kit are very small (typically 10nm), chemically iron oxide, and superparamagnetic in nature. With the capability of significantly increasing the microbeads surface area. (surface area magnetic Nano particle is 100m2 per 1gram).

electron micrograph of magnetic Nano particles

magnetic Nano particles Developer Kit for Bio medical application

The MP developer's Kit includes samples of four types of surface-treated dry particles, two types of water-based ferrofluids and bare particles in aqueous suspension. The MNP Developer's Kit offers an excellent entry point for the bio-medical application developer. While the MNP Developer's kit contains evaluation quantities of Ferrotec Material Technologies Nano-scale ferrofluis, the company works closely with application developers to optimize particle formulations, and Ferrotec Material Technologies has an established history of adapting ferrofluid solutions to unique application demands.

This product (magnetic fluid and magnetic particles for bio applications) is a product developed for research and research. The detailed performance and characteristics of the products included in this kit have not been thoroughly investigated. The Company rejects any warranty for infringement of intellectual property rights such as patents owned by a third party, which is caused by the use of this product by the user of this product.