Low temperature compression series chiller


Model introduction

This device adopts a frequency conversion temperature control method to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The target cooling capacity can reach 3600W at -20 ℃. The device can meet the cooling needs of users. It has accurate temperature control technology and can be widely used from -20 ℃ to 80 ℃. The temperature is lapped with 0.1 ℃ tolerance.


Widely used in etching equipment of semiconductor industry, CMP(Mechanical Polishing), laboratory precision equipment, high precision testing instruments, cosmetic medicine equipment, solid state laser, mold, etc.

Technical parameters

Model FCCW0362303-20
Cooling method Vapor compression refrigeration
Radiating Method Forced water-cooling
Control Method Cooling/Heating PID control
Ambient Temperature/Humidity 5~40℃, 30~70%RH
Refrigerant R410A
Power Supply Three-phase AC208V,50/60 Hz
Product Size 390*650*1265mm
Circulating Fluid DI water/Ethylene glycol/Fluoride solution
Operating Temperature Range -20.0~80.0℃
Cooling Capacity ≈3600W(-20℃)
Heating Capacity ≈3000W
Temperature Stability ±0.1℃
Pump Centrifugal pump 40L/min, 30m lift
Tank Capacity Approx 15L