Cascade refrigeration chiller


Model introduction

Quality assurance for core component suppliers Compressor supplier: Tecumseh; Filter: Danfoss; Electronic control display screen: Siemens, Schneider electric; Temperature resistant magnetic pump: wide temperature range, safe and leak free. Siemens display screen: core pressure parameters of refrigeration system, real time display of heat transfer oil temperature. Ferrotec can provide custom lead products according to requirements.

Closed cycle system

The entire system is a fully enclosed system, with no oil mist at high temperature and no absorption of water in the air at low temperature. The system will not increase pressure during running due to the high temperature, and will replenish thermal conductivity medium automatically at low temperature.

Safety System

The device has self diagnostic function and multiple security features: phase sequence phase failure protector, freezer overload protection. Continuous temperature control of -60 ℃ to 180 ℃ can be achieved.

Technical parameters

Model FCDA608031
Cooling method Air cooled and frozen
Refrigeration Form Two-stage cascade system
Refrigerant R404A/R508B
Ambient Temperature/Humidity Temperature:10~35℃; Humidity: 30~70%; Height: Below 1000m
Circulating Fluid Refrigerant Oil
Set Temperature Range -60.0~180.0℃
Cooling Capacity(50Hz)W 800(-60℃)
Heating Capacity(50Hz)W 5500W
Temperature Stability ±0.5℃
Pump Maximum Flow
(50H) L/min
Maximum Lift
Tank Capacity 5L
Product Size 678*480*1615mm