Compression series chiller



Model introduction

The compressor chiller uses a well-known brand compressor with stable and excellent performance. Ferrotec can provide custom lead products according to requirements. The temperature of the water outlet is lapped with 0.1 ℃ tolerance. The device can achieve multi-channel output, with multiple loads, suitable for environments with good temperature and humidity control. It is energy-saving & environment friendly, easy to operate. The device has functions such as temperature compensation, self diagnosis, etc. It can also achieve multiple alarm functions such as overheating, overload, and water shortage. This chiller is remote controlled through various communication methods such as I/O, RS232, RS485, etc.


This compressor chiller is mainly designed for semiconductor coating, developing, etching and other related device, and can be used in printing, laser, packaging, medical, experimental testing and other device.

Technical parameters

Model FCCA0502206
Cooling method Vapor compression refrigeration
Radiating Method Forced air-cooling
Control Method Cooling/Heating PID control
Ambient Temperature/Humidity 5~40℃, 35~70%RH
Refrigerant R410A
Quantity of Refrigerant 0.72kg
Circulating Fluid DI water/15% Ethylene glycol
Operating Temperature Range 5.0~40.0℃
Cooling Capacity ≥5000W(20℃)
Heating Capacity ≈800W(20℃)
Temperature Stability ±0.1℃
Pump Centrifugal pump 50L/min, 17m lift
Tank Capacity Approx 7.5L
Port Size In/Out Rc1/2
Drain Rc1 (with plug)
Wetted Parts Material SUS304, EPDM, PP, HDPE, VMQ
Power Supply Single-phase AC220V±10% ,50Hz
Overload Protection 30A
Current Consumption 11A(220V)
Communications I/O、RS232、RS485
Weight Approx 83kg
Accessories Power cord
Noise 68dBA
Product Size 755*380*843mm