(Cold plate system and TEC controller)


Model introduction

This device is an integrated TEC controller, which can achieve temperature control of the machine, multiple chambers and components. The high-precision TEC controller contains TEC and multiple modular. And the control temperatures are lapped with 0.05 ℃ tolerance. The modular unit of the peripheral body is selected according to the actual capacity demands, so that the entire machine can meet the highly customized needs.


Mainly used for integrated temperature control of spin coater and the cold plate. For temperature control of spindle motor and developer, multiple built-in modules can be selected according to actual capacity demands.

Technical parameters

Model FCSW0022301
Cooling method Thermoelectric modules
Control Method Cooling/Heating PID control
Ambient Temperature/Humidity 10~35℃, 35~80%RH
Operating Temperature Range 15.0~35.0℃
Out Voltage 12~48V
Output Current 0~20A
Temperature Control Stability ±0.05℃
Protection Function Overload, short circuit, over-temperature
Thermocouple Type 4-wire PT100
Quantity 9 assemblies
Assemblies Circulating Fluid DI water/15% Ethylene glycol/Fluoride solution
Operating Temperature Range 10.0~60.0℃
Cooling Capacity 320W(25℃)
Heating Capacity 680W(25℃)
Temperature Stability ±0.05℃
Pump Magnetic drive pump 22L/min,11m lift
Tank Capacity Approx 1.4L
Port Size IN/OUT G3/8 Drain G3/8 (with plug)
Overload Current 13.5 A
Max Input Power 500W
Quantity 6 assemblies
Wetted Parts Material SUS 304,EPDM,PE,ABS
Temperature Range 10~35℃
Pressure Range ≤1MPa
Required Flow Rate 3~7L/min
Port Size G3/8
Wetted Parts Material SUS 304, EPDM, PE
Communications RS485
Input Voltage Three-phase 208V 50Hz/ Single-phase 220V 50Hz(optional)
Product Size 932*590*1362mm