(Cold plate system and TEC controller)


Model introduction

The TEC controller is mainly used for precise control of TEC modules, the cold plate system and the hot plate system. Users can directly set the temperature at the setting panel, or connect the system to remote control the drive and control modules according to the demands.


Mainly used for temperature control of TEC modules and the cooling system containing TEC modules.

Technical parameters

Model FCSE0004820
TEC Input Voltage 12~48V
TEC Output Voltage 12~48V
Rated High-voltage Driving Current 0~20A
Temperature Control Stability 0.02℃
Circuit Board Input Voltage 12V
Temperature Sensor Four-wire PT100
Control Module Size 132*104*34mm
Execution function 1 PID auto tuning + fuzzy control
Execution function 2 8-stage temperature program
Execution function 3 Temperature compensation
Execution function 4 Power constraints
Output I/O External alarm status output I/O
Communication protocol ModBus-RTU
Communication Port RS485 port
PCB Protection Function Short circuit protection, overload protection,
over temperature protection
TEC Power Supply Max 48V20A
The Others USB-TYPE-C Firmware update interface Upper computer software
Display module Model No. FCSE0004820-01AC / FCSE0004820-01DC
Display module Size 72*72*75mm