Thermal shock


Model introduction

FAM6031 is a precise thermal shock with a wider temperature range from -70 ℃ to 225℃. This device can provide very advanced temperature conversion testing capabilities. The fastest temperature conversion ranges from -55 ℃ to+125 ℃ for about 10 seconds. After long-term verification under multiple working conditions, it meets the requirements of various productions and engineering environments.


Reliability tests such as characteristic analysis, high and low temperature variation testing, temperature impact testing, failure analysis, etc. For example: chips, microelectronic devices, integrated circuits (SOC, FPGA, PLD, MC U, ADC/DAC, DSP, etc.) Flash, UFS, eMMC, PCBs, MC, Ms, MEMS, IGBT, sensors, small module components Optical communication (such as transceiver high and low temperature test, SFP Optical module high and low temperature test, etc.), other electronic industries, aerospace new materials, laboratory research, etc.


Compact structure and mobile design;
Touch screen operation, human-machine interaction interface; Fast DUT temperature stabilization time;
The temperature can be lapped with 1 ℃ tolerance and air flow rate can reach up to 18SCFM. The defrosting design can quickly remove the accumulation of water vapor inside. It can meet the US Military Standard MIL system, the domestic military component GJB system and the JEDEC testing requirements.

Technical parameters

Model FAM6031
Limit Temperature range -70℃~+225℃
Control Accuracy ±1℃
Heating Rate -55℃~+125℃ up to about 10S
Cooling Rate +125℃~-55℃ up to about 12S
Air Outlet Flow 4~18 SCFM(1.9L/s~ 8.5L/s)
Product Size 600*1000*1050mm
Product Weight 250kg
Test Angle 360°
Air Supply System Optional clean air source treatment system
Options Multi size test cover
Core Device Tecumseh compressor imported from France