Ferrofluidic Seals

Magnetic Fluid Seal

Ferrofluidic Seals (FerroSeals)

Multi-Axial FerroSeals

Ultra High Vacuum Type

Model SCV012WC type
Reference Ultimate Pressure [Pa] 10-7
Operating Temperature Range [℃] Room temperature to 80
Gas Compatibility Inert gas
Housing Material SUS304
Shaft Material SUS630
  • 1. UHV-resistant ferrofluid is used for high temperature resistance and low vapor pressure.
  • 2. The differential pumping chamber and main chamber are separated by minuscule conductance. Leaked gases and outgases from baking are emitted to prevent the contamination of the main chamber.
  • 3. The baking conditions are equivalent to that of TMP, which are relatively easy to achieve.
  • 4. The differential pumping system and main pumping system can be integrated in a vacuum of around 10-7 Pa.
  • 5. The sealed unit is of an integrated type, and its structure is simple with a sub pumping port, allowing for a compact design of the entire device.
Devices for UHV processes
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