Thermoelectric Modules

Pure precision for over 40 years

Thermoelectric Modules

For precision thermoelectric control applications, Ferrotec is a world-leading manufacturer of thermoelectric (Peltier) modules and thermal management solutions for cooling, thermal cycling, or precision temperature control in custom or industry-standard configurations.

With short lead times, competitive pricing, exceptional quality, and industry-standard sizes, Ferrotec can help you develop your solution or replace your existing thermoelectric components.

Single-Stage Thermoelectric Coolers
Center-hole Thermoelectric Coolers
Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers
Thermal-Cycling Thermoelectric Coolers

Ferrotec's Standard Thermoelectric Modules

Ferrotec offers a wide range of standard thermoelectric modules for cooling, thermal cycling and precision temperature control applications. Most are based on the 9500 series of thermoelectric modules. The 9500 series offers higher temperature operation – it can be operated at temperatures up to 135°C for normal operation, and 200°C for brief periods of time. It is thermo-mechanically rugged and can be used in thermal cycling applications.


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Ferrotec's thermoelectric modules are compliant with the RoHS standard.