Thermoelectric Modules

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Ferrotec’s Thermoelectric Technical Reference Guide is a comprehensive technical explanation of thermoelectrics and thermoelectric technology.
1.0 Introduction An introductory overview into thermoelectric concepts.
2.0 Basic Principles of Thermoelectric Modules & Materials An exploration of materials that are used in thermoelectric modules (e.g. Bismuth Teluride).
3.0 Applications for Thermoelectric Coolers An overview of applications using thermoelectric technology.
4.0 Advantages of Thermoelectric Cooling An overview of the advantages of using thermoelectrics.
5.0 Heat Sink Considerations What factors to consider in selecting your heat sink.
6.0 Installation of Thermoelectric Modules How to mount a thermoelectric module in your system.
7.0 Power Supply Requirements What factors to consider in selecting your power supply.
8.0 Thermal System Design Considerations Overall thermal system design considerations.
9.0 Thermoelectric Module Selection How to select the right thermoelectric module for your application.
10.0 Reliability of Thermoelectric Cooling Modules An overview of thermoelectric module reliablity.
11.0 Mathematical Modeling of thermoelectric Cooling Modules Formulas for estimating cooling performance of single-stage modules.
12.0 Description & Modeling of Cascade Thermoelectric Modules Formulas for calculating cooling performance of multi-stage modules.
13.0 Power Generation An overview of calculations of the Seebeck effect.
Appendix B: Material Properties Thermal properties of common materials.
Appendix C: Glossary of Thermoelectric and Related Terms Some common thermal terminology.