Feedthrough Model: SFL-006-WN
Part Number: 133572


Product Description

Ferrotec’s Ferrofluidic seal Feedthrough Model SFL-006-WN (part number 133572) is a member of Ferrotec’s Flange Mount Feedthroughs. The SFL-006-WN vacuum rotary feedthrough uses Ferrotec’s standard hydrocarbon-based ferrofluid, specifically optimized for introducing rotary motion with a magnetic liquid hermetic seal in most Standard environments.

The SFL-006-WN vacuum rotary feedthrough features a Solid shaft with Ferro Flange mounting. Dimensional details are specified below. This vacuum seal is also water-cooled for high-temperature applications. For precision measurement specifications, refer to the Spec Control Drawing.

Ferrotec Part Number 133572 Dimension Specification Drawing

Feedthrough Model SS-188-SLAA (part number 103971) dimensional specifications drawing

Feedthrough Model SFL-006-WN (part number 133572) image

Product Specifications

Specifications for Ferrotec Part Number 133572

Shaft Solid Shaft
Shaft Support: Simply Supported (vac+atm sides)
Ferrofluid Standard
Mounting Ferro Flange
Features: Water-cooled

Shaft (or bore) Diameter with tolerance 6 (-0.010/-0.022) mm
Shaft termination 0.50 d x 10.0 L (flat) mm
Shaft extension (Vac) 30 mm
Overall length 104 mm
Housing overall length 54 mm
Housing diameter 36  mm
Body length 48 mm
Flange diameter 60 mm
Flange thickness 6 mm
Fitting locations 21 mm
Mounting holes 5.4, 4x on 50.0 bc mm

Bearing Specifications:
Bearing type/material 636
Bearing Dim A 37.5 mm
Bearing Dim B 40 mm
Solid Shaft bearing dimensional specifications reference drawing

Performance Characteristics:
Shaft Torque Capacity 1.41 N-m
Starting Torque 100rpm 1.06 N-mm
Running Torque 100rpm 0.64 N-mm
Starting Torque 1000rpm 1.91 N-mm
Running Torque 1000rpm 0.99 N-mm
Limiting Speed [rpm] 10000
Notes shaft length and flange geometry can be modified easily