Feedthrough Model: SS-500-SLFA
Part Number: 103244


Product Description

Ferrotec’s Ferrofluidic seal Feedthrough Model SS-500-SLFA (part number 103244) is a member of Ferrotec’s Flange Mount Feedthroughs. The SS-500-SLFA vacuum rotary feedthrough uses Ferrotec’s standard hydrocarbon-based ferrofluid, specifically optimized for introducing rotary motion with a magnetic liquid hermetic seal in most Standard environments.

The SS-500-SLFA vacuum rotary feedthrough features a Solid shaft with Ferro Flange mounting. Dimensional details are specified below. For precision measurement specifications, refer to the Spec Control Drawing.

Ferrotec Part Number 103244 Dimension Specification Drawing

Feedthrough Model SS-188-SLAA (part number 103971) dimensional specifications drawing

Feedthrough Model SS-500-SLFA (part number 103244) image

Product Specifications

Specifications for Ferrotec Part Number 103244

Shaft Solid Shaft
Shaft Support: Simply Supported (vac+atm sides)
Ferrofluid Standard
Mounting Ferro Flange

Shaft (or bore) Diameter with tolerance 0.4997  in
Shaft termination .126w x 0.78d x 1.0L.(keyway) in
Shaft extension (Vac) 1.218 in
Overall length 6.03 in
Housing overall length 3.562 in
Housing diameter 2.87  in
Body length 3.182 in
Flange diameter 6 in
Flange thickness 0.38 in
Mounting holes 0.750, 4x on 4.750 bc. in
Face seal O-ring 2-234

Bearing Specifications:
Bearing type/material SR8
Bearing Dim A 1.5 in
Bearing Dim B 2.92 in
Solid Shaft bearing dimensional specifications reference drawing

Performance Characteristics:
Shaft Torque Capacity 178 in-lb
Starting Torque 100rpm 1.78 in-oz
Running Torque 100rpm 1.05 in-oz
Starting Torque 1000rpm 3.23 in-oz
Running Torque 1000rpm 1.62 in-oz
Limiting Speed [rpm] 10000
Notes shaft length and flange geometry can be modified easily
Availability: Normally in stock.