Vacuum Chambers

Pure precision machining
for stainless steel and aluminum
vacuum chambers

Vacuum Chambers. Ferrotec is one of the biggest stainless steel and aluminum vacuum chamber machining companies in Asia. Machine lineup includes 5 big machines for chamber machining and multiple UHV cleaning lines for removing water and other trace gases. Mainly applied to industries such as semiconductor, LCD, OLED and 3G etc. We are capable of making vacuum chambers, with sizes up to 1400mm x 1400mm x 300mm, close tolerances and high visual appeal.

Stainless steel and aluminium vacuum chambers

R&D Centers

Our design team is capable of meeting special requirements for materials such as Stainless steel, Aluminium and Copper, etc. In addition to Large scale equipments, we also provide all kinds of special process services such as hard anodizing, electropolishing and ultra-high vacuum chemical cleaning in order to achieve Class 1000 clean room standards.


  • Semiconductor
  • 3G
  • LCD
  • OLED
  • Others

Manufacturing Facilities

100 sets of advanced manufacturing equipments
  • 40 sets common NC,
  • 34 sets common MC,
  • 2 sets NC punching machines,
  • 4 sets NC folding machines,
  • 2 sets gantry MC,
  • 2 sets large milling machines,
  • 3 sets large horizontal MC,
  • 1 set large CNC boring and milling center,
  • 1 Mazak FMS and
  • 20 sets welding machines etc.
Flexible machining system

IP Protection And Safety

With high security system, we assure high degree of protection in intellectual property, trade secrets and other confidential information owned by your company.